Cab Valve – 52520 Series

  • Shear-Seal® technology provides superior performance and durability
  • High reliability and performance
  • Precise dead band optimizes ride height control
  • Proportional flow reduces vehicle air consumption
  • Standard push-to-connect fittings ease installation
  • Compact size and flexible design fits any application
  • Flexible design can be customized to meet design and application
  • Easy installation
  • Fast & smooth response provides driver comfort and minimizes air consumption

The 52520 Air Suspension Valve utilizes Barksdale’s patented Shear-Seal® technology to accurately control suspension height in commercial truck cabin applications. Shear-Seal® has become the industry leader through superior performance and long life, even under the most demanding conditions. The Shear-Seal® advantage combined with enclosed housing enables high dirt/contamination resistance.

Barksdale height control valves feature proportional response for minimal air consumption near deadband and better driver comfort. At the same time, new stem-less cartridge fittings and tamper-resistant screws increase robustness in the field. The Barksdale valve’s compact design and two sets of mounting holes (M6 & M8) allow easy direct replacement and installation in current cab air suspension systems.


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