1995B Series Micro-Set with Brake Monitor

The Gemco 1995B Series Micro-Set Programmable Limit Switch (PLS) with Brake Monitor is designed for use in the mechanical press industry. It incorporates many features for safe, efficient press automation.

This completely self-contained PLS can turn up to 30 independent mechanical relay outputs on or off based on the rotary position of the press crank. On-line brake monitoring checks the stopping time of the press against a customer-selected preset stopping time. The 1995B Series PLS can also be used to check the stopping distance at any point in the stroke. A dedicated mechanical SPDT relay remains energized when stopping time is within tolerance. Once exceeded, the mechanical relay de-energizes to initiate a stoppage or warning signal.

This Programmable Limit Switch can be used with our Series 1986 Resolver Assembly.

• 12-Bit Resolution Resolver Input with Brake Monitor Output
• 335µSec Update
• Large ¾” LED Display with Keypad Programming
• 5 Mechanical Relay Outputs – Expandable to 29 Outputs in groups of 6
• Linear Speed Compensation – Optional
• Time Based Outputs – Optional
• Motion Detect and Fault Check Outputs
• Multi-Program – Optional


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